Monday, 15 June 2009


One of the first things we confront when we are going to do a painting is: what are we going to paint?
That depends on the artist, but I am going to give you a few ideas
BEAUTY.-when we see beauty on an object, a landscape or a person, we get a feeling that travels all over our body, we get animated by it. and we want to express this feeling,
we need to be move by it, so that is a good subject. how to go about this subject? We can take a photo , do a fast sketch, analyze all the aspect of beauty of the subject, can be a beautiful eyes of a person, a beautiful color of a flower , the shape of a vase. Analyze what is it that makes it more beautiful than the rest. The thing that is more beautiful, es the thing we are going to work the most in the painting, it will be the center of attention of the viewer.
A DREAM OR A VISION. we had this vision or this dream , that also brought this special feeling all over our body. This is also a good subject. How do we go about this subject?. Here is more difficult to take a photo, but we can do a fast sketch. lets put an example. a young girl writing her first love letter. your sketch will be of a young girl sitting down holding a pen with one hand and her eyes will be looking up searching for the poetry that match her emotions, may be you want to place a book or two on the table, a few flowers on a vase and a nice cup of tea. we do a sketch with every thing we want to put in it. the sketch doesn't need to be very precise. We go home, and arrange a table , some books, a cup of tea and a vase with flowers we ask a young girl, family or friend to model for us sitting in the table we have arrange, then you can take a photo or a few photos and start from there
Composition for a painting from the painter M. W

Here we have the painting done by M.W.
The part of the painting that he work the most is the eyes

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